Defining The Impact Of CBD

on clients, patients, practices & business

What is the impact of CBD on patients, practices, clients and business?

Have you seen the research, read the case studies and seen the clinical trial results?  

What about the buzz and hype that has surrounded the market’s growth or the fact that today we are seeing topical CBD products receive FDA approval and household brand names like Sports Illustrated launching CBD products?

Inside Impact CBD Expo

unique conference program

featuring experts analyzing CBD’s impact from a myriad point of view:

Impact CBD Expo

Spa and Wellness

Impact CBD Expo

Research & Development

Impact CBD Expo


Impact CBD Expo

Holistic & Conventional Healthcare Providers

Impact CBD Expo


Impact CBD Expo


Our speakers and panelists bring real world perspective and guidance you can apply to your business, practice, health system or wellness center.

What started as hype with unsubstantiated claims has quickly turned into a burgeoning CBD market that is projected to be worth $24 Billion within the next five years.

What role will you play?

Join us as we define the impact of CBD on patients, practices, clients and business by leading with medical, scientific, legal and regulatory intelligence to demystify what CBD can mean for you.

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Growing List of Influencers

leading Impact CBD education at the event

Michael S. Chernis, Esq.Principal, AttorneyChernis Law Group

Sharon Holtz, Senior Director of Spa and WellnessTerranea Resort 

Jordan Helene Person, LMT, LPN, Founder, Primal Therapeutics

Sally Fisher, M.D., Integrative and Nutritional Medicine

Ildi Pekar, Owner/Founder, Ildi Pekar Wellness Studio 

Chelsie Spencer, Cannabis and Hemp Attorney, Principal, Ritter Spencer PLLC 

Peter Grinspoon, M.D., Primary Care Doctor, Harvard Health