Impact CBD Experience Hall

The Impact CBD Experience Hall will be open the second half of both days and will feature a series of activations created so that our sponsors can put the impact of their CBD products into context for our audience of healthcare, wellness, research and business professionals.

Exhibitor Engagement

Organized by product and solution type, the experience hall with features tabletops, booths and treatment areas where our attendees can meet with and discuss the science, application and impact of the CBD products & services from our sponsors.

Skincare Legal Services/insurance
Food/beverage Brain health
Ingestible/Cosmeceuticals Pain management
Anti inflammatory Anti Anxiety
Treatments Payment processing

CBD Impact Theater

Featuring short form presentations on the innovative impact of CBD products, services and solutions, exhibitors will share real world science, clinical results and outcomes of their products for patients, clients and business.

  • What is special about the product or service
  • How is it being applied to patients or clients
  • What is the business impact

CBD Impact Treatments

Luxury and resort spas, wellness centers, physical/sport therapists and chiropractors have represented the early pioneers in creating CBD treatments for patients and clients. Understand how to apply new and emerging CBD oils, balms, lotions, mists and more by visiting our exhibitor treatment rooms:

  • Hear directly from the product experts
  • Understand the treatment impact
  • Learn new approaches for your facility

CBD Impact Meetings

We want to enable business to happen at Impact CBD, so we are offering a concierge service for our attendees to meet with specific exhibitors they are interested in learning more from. These sessions will be 10-15 minutes (longer upon request) in a room off the Experience Hall.

  • Discuss science, formulation and more
  • Outline best approaches for patient or client application
  • Define metrics for the impact on business