Education overview


Intimate Meetings

With an understanding that there are multiple tradeshows that have popped up serving the CBD category, our goal with Impact CBD is to focus less on a show floor marketplace and focus more on creating unique experiences that enable CBD suppliers to showcase the impact of their products, services and solutions.


To achieve this goal, we have optimized our agenda to feature specific hours that are solely focused on our “impact panel and education tracks” to run the first half of day one and day two.  This is complemented by our afternoon experience area where our attendees can interact with leading suppliers to define how their products and solutions could be applied to their patients, clients or business.

Panel Discussions

On day one, our main stage “Impact panel discussions” will feature state of the CBD market research, updates on federal and state level legal status, FDA regulatory compliance, labeling, insurance and more.  While day two will feature concurrent “impact education tracks” focused on patients for healthcare and medical professionals, clients for wellness and spa professionals and business for hospitality, retail and food service professionals.

Agenda At A Glance

Day 1: Impact Panel Sessions

  • CBD 101: Get to Know the World of Cannabinoids  
  • Future Cannabinoids: Learn About All of the 8 Major Cannabinoids
  • Speaking to Patients and Tackling Client Concerns. Peter Grinspoon, M.D., Primary Care Doctor, Harvard Health
  • The Science of CBD: Fact vs. Fiction
  • Panel: CBD, the FDA, and the States: The Government’s Latest Efforts and Rulings Related to CBD. Michael S. Chernis, Esq., Principal, Attorney, Chernis Law Group; Hillary Bricken, Partner, Attorney, Harris Bricken, LLP; Griffen Thorne, Attorney, Harris Bricken, LLP
  • Insurance, Liability & Finance: Investing in Additional Protection
  • CBD Labeling and the Law: Best Practices for Labels, Marketing, and Making Claims.Chelsie Spencer, Cannibas and Hemp Attorney, Principal, Ritter Spencer PLLC

Day 2: Impact on Patients Track

  • CBD Studies: Highlights from the Latest Research
  • CBD & Cancer Care: Assisting in Symptom Relief
  • CBD & Addiction: Relapse Prevention and Withdrawal Treatment
  • CBD & Pain Management: The Effects on Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain
  • A Therapeutic Remedy: The Effects of CBD on Anxiety
  • CBD for Insomnia: Benefits, Side Effects, and Treatment Day

Day 2: Impact on Clients Track

  • COA: Learn about Certificates of Analysis and How to Read Them
  • CBD Dosage: Start Low and Go Slow!
  • CBD & Massage Therapy: The Benefits for the Body and Mind. Jordan Helene Person, LMT, LPN Founder, Primal Therapeutics- Denver, CO
  • CBD & Skincare: Incorporating CBD into Your Facials  
  • Showcase and Sell Ingestible and Topical Treatments
  • Creating an Integrative CBD Spa Experience

Day 2: Impact on Your Business Track

  • Additional Protection: Client Authorization Forms & CBD
  • White Labeling: Creating Your Own CBD Brand. ldi Pekar, Owner/Founder, Ildi Pekar Wellness Studio — New York, NY
  • Case Studies on Effective Marketing and Promotions
  • Social Media & CBD: Best Practices for Effective and Legal Marketing
  • Bringing CBD into Your Retail Selection. Sharon Holtz, Senior Director of Spa and Wellness, Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • CBD Merchandising Best Practices: Selling and Promoting CBD Products
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